If you experience a roof leak, wind damage, hurricane damage, or even animal damage, Resort Maintenance, Inc. will work to maintain and extend the life of the roof on your home.

Since 1988, we have performed many types of roof repairs, each carefully evaluated to determine the best repair solution for each situation. We will walk your entire roof to perform a complete assessment of its overall condition. Then, we will provide a bid to explain the best options available for your unique situation. Don't trust an unlicensed and/or inexperienced handyman with the repairs or replacement of your roof.

The roof on your home is the first line of defense against damage to the interior of your home. Make sure it is properly and professionally repaired or replaced by thetrained and experienced personnel of Resort Maintenance, a company that is licensed, bonded and insured. Our Resort Maintenance team is skilled, knowledgeable and experienced, and will take extra care to ensure your satisfaction upon completion of your roofing project. We deliver dependability and longevity, with a record of success based on many years of professional performance.

When you select our residential roofing services, you’re investing in quality assured construction methods that meet and surpass all government codes and regulations for our area. We at Resort Maintenance give you unsurpassed performance and reliability, remaining at the top of our industry with top-quality service. Let Resort Maintenance give you peace of mind when protecting your home, both inside and outside. Call our office to set an appointment for an evaluation of the roof on your home.

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