A PTAC is the most commonly found HVAC system in an apartment, classroom, or hotel room. This is a self-contained unit with air conditioning and heat levels controlled from the location that delivers the air. PTAC units allow for each space to have customized temperatures that are controlled within the area. Each tenant can control his/her own room temperature without affecting other rooms. Air from this equipment (hot or cold) is delivered through the unit itself on the wall or through a wall opening, depending on how it is installed. There is no ductwork for this type of HVAC system. PTAC units have come a long way over time, they are more energy efficient, and much quieter than in the past. Not sure if a PTAC will work in your home or property?? Give Resort Maintenance a call, and let Charles, our comfort care specialist, determine what piece of equipment will work best for your particular application.

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