Heating and Air Conditioning Tune Up

Are you looking to extend the life of your air conditioning unit?

Resort Maintenance, Inc. is prepared with the right tools and knowledge to help you do so. We have NATE certified technicians, the highest level of certification attainable in our industry.

We perform comprehensive 15-point inspections of your complete heating and air conditioning system.The inspections include:
1) A visual inspection of the outer and inner cabinets.
2) Pressure check existing freon charge to ascertain adequacy of charge and proper pressures.
3) Amperage check to ascertain proper electrical load and draw.
4) Inspect all coils, tubing, and threaded connections.
5) Inspect and lube all belts, pulleys & motors. (where applicable)
6) Inspect all electrical connections, contactors, relays & wiring.
7) Evaluate all components as to condition & indications that may suggest potential problems. (i.e. rust, corrosion, noise, etc.)
8) Check thermostat condition and operation; level if required.
9) Check indoor filter condition; replace if necessary.
10) Check inlet and outlet temperatures for adequacy.
11) Inspect condensate drain line; clear when necessary.
12) Ascertain positive airflow in system.
13) Evaluate coils for cleanliness and airflow.
14) Provide written documentation for each unit with comments as to system condition and recommendations.
15) Environmental requirements shall be complied with.

There are benefits resulting from regular air conditioning system tune-ups. The inspections will give a snapshot view of the overall condition of your system. They will find small problems with your system before they turn into expensive repairs. Improving system performance with smaller repairs will prolong the life of your HVAC system. All brands of HVAC equipment require regular inspections of the system to maintain manufacturer warranties.

Let Resort Maintenance, Inc. service your air conditioning system on a regular basis to keep you informed about the overall condition of your HVAC system, catch and repair the minor problems, ensure your system continues to operate at peak efficiency, and help you maintain warranties.

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