Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are split systems with the condenser set outside your home, and the air handler set inside your home in an attic, closet or garage area. Heat pumps are multi-faceted systems, and can do the work of an air conditioner and a heater. The standard role of the heat pump is to pull heat from one location to another without using a lot of energy.

A heat pump and air conditioner work in very similar ways, but if you install a heat pump, there is no need to install separate systems for heating and cooling. Heat pumps are also extremely efficient because they do not burn fuel for heat; they simply transfer heat from one location to another. By adding a variable speed air handler to your heat pump, you can increase the SEER (efficiency) rating of your equipment, dehumidify up to 30 times more moisture from the interior of your home, and supply over 100 degrees of heat out of every register in your home, compared to the 92-94 degree heat that a heat pump now delivers.

A variable speed air handler will slowly ramp up to the needed power to satisfy your thermostat setting, and then slowly ramp back down, allowing longer run times and more movement of air to keep your home comfortable with more even temperatures throughout your home.
By installing a 2-stage heat pump condenser (outside unit) that has a variable speed air handler (inside unit), you actually will have two systems in one. During the hottest days of summer, the system will work at its full tonnage, using both stages, to provide cool dry air and remove the humidity from your home. When it cools off at night, only the first stage will be used. This first stage uses less electricity and allows for more dehumidification than a traditional heat pump. These systems range from 16-17 SEER at full capacity to 20-24 SEER when they run in the first stage alone. These systems are very energy efficient! If your are looking for a combination of comfort and efficiency, let Resort Maintenance install a new 2-stage heat pump with variable speed air handler.
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