Gas Furnaces

Throughout the winter months, you rely on your gas furnace to provide you with the heat your family needs to stay comfortable. Resort Maintenance, Inc. offers brand name gas furnaces you can trust. A natural gas furnace requires much less maintenance than oil or propane furnaces. Oil furnaces are rarely used in today's market due to cost and availability of the oil. Natural gas and propane gas units are basically the same, but propane furnaces are much more costly to operate, and rely on gas tank refills. By using a furnace with a 2-stage gas valve, the unit will be even more efficient than a regular gas furnace. With this equipment, when the weather is mild, the system will use only the necessary portion of its total heating ability. (Could be as low as 55-60% activated.) When the weather turns really cold outside, the system will come on full blast at 100% usage, and give you the warmth you want. The system will ramp up to only the necessary usage, which will give much more efficient usage of the gas. So, the 2-stage gas valve gives longer run times, more even temperatures throughout, and more energy efficiency. You can also add a variable speed blower to the furnace that will increase dehumidification of your home during the hot humid summer season. Give Resort Maintenance a call to set an appointment with Charles, our comfort care specialist. He will visit your home to assess the overall situation, perform a load calculation, and give you the best options to bring you and your family the comfort you deserve. Upgrading your system is not only beneficial to the environment, but also easier on your pocket with new more energy efficient equipment. A 2-stage gas furnace with a variable speed blower, what a great combination for energy efficiency and home comfort! Call Resort Maintenance at (843) 881-1044.

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