Gas Packs

Gas packs are considered the "all in one" HVAC system.

This system combines gas heating and electrical air conditioning, all outside the home with the ductwork running beneath your home. The thermostat is the only portion evident inside the home. During the hot weather, the gas package system will use electricity to cool your home. When the weather turns cold, it will revert to using gas to heat your home. For the heating of your home, the best type of gas package system provides a 2-stage gas valve. With this equipment, when the weather is mild, the system will use only the necessary portion of its total heating ability. (Could be as low as 55 – 60% activated.) When the weather turns really cold outside, the system will come on full blast at 100% usage and give you the warmth you want. The system will ramp up to only the necessary usage, which will give much more efficient usage of gas.

The 2-stage gas valves on the gas packs give longer run times, more even temperatures throughout, and more energy efficiency. What a great combination!

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