Dual Fuel Hybrid

Like gas packs, dual fuel HVAC systems are considered an "all in one" HVAC system. This system combines gas & electric heating with electric air conditioning, all outside the home with the ductwork running beneath your home. The thermostat is the only portion evident inside the home.
Unlike the traditional gas package systems, the dual fuel systems offer the best of both worlds. During the hot weather, the system will operate to cool your home with an energy efficient heat pump. When the weather turns colder outside, the gas furnace portion of the dual fuel system will come on and heat your home.
By switching between your regular electric heat pump and the back-up gas pack depending on the weather situation, your HVAC system will be much more energy efficient than a traditional gas package unit. The dual fuel system will heat and cool with electricity, except on the coldest days of winter when the gas heat (a warmer heat) will kick on. On the coldest days of winter, an electric heat pump will heat using the emergency electric heat strips, which can be very costly energy-wise. (Owners can see their electric meters spinning much faster when the heat strips are being used.) With a dual fuel system, in this extremely cold situation, the gas heat will kick on, with the cost of gas remaining below the higher cost of using added electricity with heat strips. It all comes down to energy efficiency, comfort and a warmer heat with gas.
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