Drywall & Sheetrock

When you find that you need sheetrock work or repairs in your home, call Resort Maintenance, Inc. to ensure the highest quality final product. Whether you have scratched or gauged walls, deteriorating ceilings, or areas where your sheetrock walls and ceilings have caved in due to a leak, we can take care of your problem. With a room or house addition, we can ensure a high quality finish to your walls and ceilings.

Sheetrock repairs, replacement and new installation are some of the hardest projects to complete. It is a very demanding skill to get a final result that does not show lumps, bumps, indentations, and rough spots. It is very difficult to ensure that the repair of a hole in a wall results in a smooth surface where you cannot tell that there was ever a problem area, and cannot tell where two pieces of sheetrock meet. The repair of sheetrock involves more than just replacement of a piece of wallboard. In each situation, we will assess what happened and what is behind the missing or damaged sheetrock. If the sheetrock has deteriorated due to lack of proper support, we may need to add framing.

If the sheetrock was damaged by a water leak, we will need to dry out the area behind to prevent mold and mildew growth after the new sheetrock is sealed. We may need to remove damaged and install proper insulation in the damaged area. Since there are different types of sheetrock, we will determine which type is necessary in your situation. Then, the new sheetrock must be taped, mudded and sanded several times, and finally primed and painted. Don’t trust just anyone to know the proper materials to use when repairing your sheetrock damage. Call Resort Maintenance for repairs that we guarantee will give you complete satisfaction. Sheetrock installation is an intense, detail-oriented, and time-consuming job to achieve a great final product. Do not trust the beauty of your home to an inexperienced handyman.

Our personnel at Resort Maintenance have many years of training and experience when working with sheetrock, so we can guarantee that the highest quality sheetrock repairs, replacement and new installation are completed in your home. Call us at Resort Maintenance to schedule your sheetrock project.

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