Straight Air Systems

A straight air unit is the common term used to describe the cooling portion of a centralized HVAC system. A straight air unit is used to provide cooling in conjunction with electric heat or a gas furnace. Unlike a heat pump, it cannot provide heat, so when the weather is colder, it will get the needed heat from electric heat strips or the gas furnace. These systems work well in applications where natural gas is readily available, so the straight air unit can be installed in conjunction with a gas furnace to provide hotter air when needed during cold weather, rather than electric heat. There are several different configurations available, from simple straight air condensers to more complex 2-stage condensers that can be matched with your existing heat source. Confused about whether a straight air unit will work in your home? Just give us a call at Resort Maintenance, so we can schedule an appointment with our comfort care specialist to determine which type of HVAC system will work best in your particular situation.

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